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Job Description


Frankfurt, Germany

(Flexible Working – Location & Office Hours)


Where we are:

  • Founded 2017
  • 15 employees with the highest ratings from their former employers. They are all very happy with us.
  • We (used to) have a very strong people focus (rather than topic focus): The right guy will get (almost) every topic right
  • Our main clients include leading German banks with very high client satisfaction and ongoing project opportunities.
  • Occasional smaller projects at other clients in financial services.
  • We established a strong brand with the clients who know as because a) we have only top employees and b) we deliver “high value topics” (restructuring and cost-cutting, RPA, program management for large transformation programs).

What we want:

  • Grow in RPA: we need one or more managers/ senior managers/ directors who have a track record with RPA projects and clients/leads who are not our main clients.
  • Grow in an industry that is not financial services: We need one or more managers/ senior managers/ directors who have a track record in an industry that is not financial services and who have client relations strong enough to win projects in this new industry. We especially like Pharma and the public sector, but a high performer from every industry would be a fit.
  • We rather do not grow than hire someone who is not a high performer (this does not necessarily mean long working hours, see below). Everybody has a lot of benefits with us; thus, we also expect top results (again, those can also be achieved with a good work/life balance).
  • We look for top (senior) managers. A lot of directors or partners from large consulting companies are not a good fit, since they expect an existing team and sales funnel that they can steer. However, there are exceptions and we would also hire a small team (but it is not necessary).

What we offer to our employees:

  • A financially strong company that is looking for “partners” who want to shape their and our company’s future.
  • Individual choice of work intensity: workaholics are as welcome as people who want wo work 4 days a week or with 40 holidays per year. People can switch their work intensity without having to fear being recognized as “non-performers” (I personally work in 4 days a week model occasionally).
  • No boundaries on career development (if he or she strives for it, see above); this includes possible partner roles or even founding a new company together.
  • Support for business cases: mentoring, classic sales campaigns, investment resources, interns, whatever is needed.
  • A fully predictable competitive compensation model with no cap on bonuses
  • A competitive but supporting team.
  • Individual mentoring and career development support.
  • Regular training and team events voluntarily.
  • “Hygiene factors” like a notebook, iPhone, travel expenses, we work as an office space if needed/wanted.


Required Application Documents / Information

  • CV
  • Certificates
  • Notice Period / Availability
  • Current Salary / Rate
  • Salary / Rate Expectation

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